Beautiful additions

Cake toppers

​A beautiful addition to any celebration cake, our cake toppers can be crafted from acrylic or wood, in different shades with designs limited only by your imagination!


We're able to gently and perfectly etch names, dates and symbols onto glassware including champagne flutes, wine glasses, tumblers and mason jars, adding that personal touch. 


​Our range extends to custom signage for any event including wedding procession signs, kids name signs, scripted wooden names and place cards, your favourite characters and more!

Gift boxes

Give your guests and loved ones a beautifully unique gift box, customised with a name, date or special quote. 

Other ideas include a 1st birthday keepsake box, wedding ring box, tooth fairy box, baby shower keepsake box, jewellery box, engagement keepsake box and bomboniere holders.

Keepsakes & gifts

​The sky really is the limit when it comes to our amazing laser cutting machine. Choose from our additional range of keepsakes and gifts including hanging ornaments, coasters, wine glass caddies, keyrings, clocks, luggage tags and more!

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